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Waterlife Nitrite Test Kit N02 75 tests

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Waterlife Nitrate Test Kit Algae Growth Testing N03 50 tests aquarium fish tank

Nitrite Test Kit - Measures toxic nitrite which causes fish ill health

What is nitrite?
Nitrite, (chemical formula NO2) is formed when organic materials decompose in water. Fishexcreta, excess food and decaying vegetation can all produce ammonia which in turn is oxidised to nitrite. Nitrite is one of the most toxic and dangerous compounds to fish. The waterlife Nitrite Test gives you accurate results in just 5 minutes.
Range covered 0 to 15mg/l.

What to do should a reading occur?
Stop feeding, remove excess food, dead plants, corpses etc. Check filter is working. Carry out an immediate 25% partial water change, using Waterlife Haloex.
Dose with Waterlife BacterLife.
Suitable for marine, tropical, freshwater and coldwater aquaria.
Available in: 75 tests, Contains: 2 x 20ml bottles & vial.

Test for Nitrate
Reads the range 0 to 15 mgs/litre (ppm.)
For use in marine, tropical, freshwater and coldwater
Includes 50 tests

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