Ciano Water Test Strips (6 in 1 - 50 strips)

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Ciano Water Test Strips (6 in 1 - 50 strips)

Quick and easy water quality tests 6 in 1 strips x 50 - 300 tests total.

Why should these parameters be measured?
NO3-(Nitrate) and NO2-(Nitrite): indication of the functioning of the biological filtration processes.
GH (General Hardness): indication of the content in mineral substances (magnesium and calcium).
Cl2 (Chlorine): indication of the chlorine content in tap water that is harmful to fishes.
pH: the pH value indicates the acidity of the water.
KH (Carbonate Hardness): important in the stabilisation of the pH figure.

How do you measure?
1. Dip a strip into the water to test for 5 seconds;
2. Shake the strip to remove the excess water;
3. Wait 30 seconds;
4. Place the test strip in the correct position in the vial to take the reading by comparing the colours obtained with the colour scale of the vial. Check the meaning of the readings in the table included and read the advice on corrective actions to take.

When should you measure?
Measure the water parameters at least once every 15 days.

the nitrogen cycle   pH importance

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