Ciano Water Bio-Bact + Live Bacteria 4 Sizes

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Ciano Water Bio-Bact and Live Bacteria Maintenance Pack 4 Sizes

Ciano Bio-Bact & Live Bacteria maintenance pack, contains a replacement filter cartridge and live bacteria bottle. This set of products will give you an acceleration in biological filtration, the components harmful to the water will be eliminated and good bacteria will be restored.

Quick start
Healthy fish
Perfect eco-system
Crystal clear water

Quantity per pack:
Small: 1 small cartridge & 50ml live bacteria (lasts 150 days)
Medium: 1 medium cartridge & 50ml live bacteria (lasts 150 days)
Large: 1 large cartridge & 50ml live bacteria (lasts 150 days)
X-Large: 1 x-large cartridge & 100ml live bacteria (lasts 150 days)

Compatible with:
Small: CF20 / CF40 / CFSTONE40
Medium: CF80 / CFSTONE80 / CFBIO150 / CFBIO250
Large: CFBIO150 / CFBIO250

MyCiano app
Ciano Aquarium® is proud to present the application My Ciano. This application was created to improve aquariums and make looking after them easier. It performs simple management of your aquarium filtration system, allowing real-time monitoring of consumables and sending you alerts when these need renewal.
Main Functions
Aquarium management
Consumables Management
Real-time monitoring of the use of consumables
Alerts for renewing consumables
Download now from the Google PLAY and Apple IOS app stores.

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