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Waterlife Ammonia Test Kit NH3 NH+4 50 tests

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Waterlife Ammonia Test Kit Ammonium Testing NH3 NH+4 50 tests aquarium fish tank

Measures toxic ammonia/ammonium which can cause fish ill health.

What is ammonia/ammonium?
Ammonia is excreted by fish and when it is allowed to build up in the aquarium it is extremely toxic to them. The Waterlife Ammonia kit is a sensitive liquid test that will give you results within 3 minutes.
Range covered 0 - 10mg/l.

What to do should a reading occur?
Stop feeding Remove excess food, dead plants, corpses etc Check filter is working. Carry out an immediate 25% partial water change using Waterlife Haloex Dose with Waterlife BacterLife or AmmoClear to remove ammonia. Suitable for marine, tropical freshwater and coldwater aquaria.
Available in: 50 tests, Contains: 2 x 20ml bottles & vial

Test for toxic Ammonia
Reads the range 0 to 10 mgs/litre (ppm.)
For use in marine, tropical and coldwater
Includes 50 tests

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