Oase PondPads Pond Biofilter Media 10/20L

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Oase PondPads Pond Biofilter Media 10/20L

The high performance filter medium used in industry and waste water technology. Further developed by aquaculture and koi experts and optimised especially for use in filter systems for koi ponds, swim ponds and garden ponds. Thanks to the extremely large surface area it can be used perfectly in the moving bed process.

Available in 10L and 20L bags

Maintenance-free, self cleaning filter medium in the moving bed system
Neutral floating behaviour after approx. 6-10 week run-in time (depending on water temp and load)
Large surface for the settlement of micro-organisms (approx. 5500 m²/m³)
Also suitable for existing filters with moving bed technology
10L of PondPads decompose approx. 215g of fish food in 24 hours
Removes ammonia NH3 / ammonium NH4 and nitrite NO2 (nitrification)

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