NT Labs Marine Reef Coral Dip Treatment 30ml

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NT Labs Marine Reef Coral Dip Treatment 30ml

When to use?
Harmful or undesirable invertebrates can hitchhike their way into an aquarium via corals. These pest organisms can add to the bio-load of the aquarium and can turn a beautiful reef scape unsightly.

Coral Dip makes use of natural ingredients to expel these creatures from corals before introducing the coral to the aquarium. Coral Dip is free of synthetic pesticide chemicals.

How to use?
Fill separate container with aquarium water and add required dose
Submerge coral in solution for 5-10 minutes, shaking coral occasionally to help separate unwanted organisms.
Rinse coral in clean aquarium water before returning to the aquarium.

Do not add to the aquarium - for dip use only.

Treats: corals with stowaway organisms
Reef safe
Use before placing new corals in your aquarium

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