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NT Labs Anti-Aiptasia Coral Treatment 100ml

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NT Labs Anti-Aiptasia Aquarium Fish Tank Marine Coral Treatment 100ml

When to use?
Aiptasia are polyp-like creatures found in marine aquariums usually introduced with corals or live rock. They can harm corals by outcompeting them for space and food as well as looking unsightly.

This Aiptasia treatment is a contact solution to these unwanted organisms. Anti-Aiptasia will also work on the closely related Majano anemones. Anti-Aiptasia is pesticide-free and does not adversely affect water quality.

How to use?
Check water quality using Marine Lab Test Kits before use.
SuperCarb and Phopshate Remover can be left in place during use.
Keep skimmers and UV filtration switched on if present.
Shake bottle briefly until Anti-Aiptasia becomes cloudy.
Assemble tip and syringe, and fill syringe with Anti-Aiptasia.
Place tip near Aiptasia and slowly depress plunger - the aiptasia will normally withdraw once treated.

Killing many Aiptasia in one treatment may adversely affect water quality - monitor Ammonia using Marine Lab Ammonia Test Kit throughout and after use.

Q: I used a competing product, the aiptasia were killed, but they grew back. Will Anti-Aiptasia work in the same way? A: As our Anti-Aiptasia disables adult polyps rapidly, they don’t have a chance to reproduce. Use Anti-Aiptasia to target the largest aiptasia to begin with and then focus on the smallest polyps to break their cycle. There’s enough in the bottle to treat 200 aiptasia and an angled application needle to get the more awkward to reach ones.

Treats: Aiptasia and Majano anemones
Reef safe
200 applications

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