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NT Labs Marine Lab Magnesium Mg 35 Tests

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NT Labs Marine Lab Magnesium Mg 35 Tests

The essential water quality test for reef aquariums. Magnesium analysis for invertebrate health and water stability.  Titration test for precise and accurate results.

Contains 35 tests

What is magnesium?
Magnesium is a the second-most abundant cation found in natural seawater. Magnesium is essential for the efficient assimilation of calcium by marine invertebrates.

Why test for magnesium?
Without the correct levels of magnesium, corals and invertebrates cannot properly or efficiently utilise calcium for the formation of their shells and growth of skeletons. Sufficient magnesium also prevents precipitation of calcium and carbonate ions, ensuring bioavailable calcium and a pH stabilising effect.  As magnesium tends to deplete with the age of the water, monitoring the magnesium frequently is the only reliable method to determine the concentration present in the water.

What is the correct level of magnesium?
The average magnesium level in natural seawater is 1300-1400 mg/l.  Equally importantly, the correct ratio between magnesium and calcium should be achieved.  The concentration of magnesium should be 3 times that of calcium (e.g. a magnesium to calcium of 3:1).

What to do if the magnesium level is wrong?
If the magnesium concentration in your aquarium is wrong, partial water changes using a good quality reef salt is recommend to help re-establish the correct magnesium concentration. It is also important to check the calcium and KH as the three are correlated.  If the magnesium is incorrect, calcium and KH are also likely to be wrong.

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