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NT Labs Marine Anti-Fluke & Wormer 20ml

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NT Labs Anti-Fluke & Wormer Aquarium Fish Tank Marine Treatment 20ml

When to use?
Scratching behaviour without signs of white spot may indicate marine skin flukes. Symptoms may also include lethargy and reddened fins. Fish losing weight, giving a “pinched in” appearance, while still having a good appetite is an indicator of internal worms. Clear faeces from a fish’s vent may also be present.

Anti-Fluke & Wormer contains the active ingredient flubendazole, which is exceptionally effective against internal worms and flukes whilst also being very mild on the fish. Marine Anti-Fluke & Wormer is an easy-to-use suspension for fish-only systems or hospital aquariums.

How to use?
Check water quality using Marine Lab Test Kits before use.
Remove adsorbent filtration media (activated carbon, phosphate remover) from filters for the treatment period.
Turn off UV filtration and/or ozone generators if present.
Turn off protein skimmer for a minimum of two hours after application. Maintain good aeration throughout.
Shake bottle thoroughly before use.
Use provided pipette to measure required dose and slowly add dose to aquarium.

Contains flubendazole. Do not use where invertebrates (corals, shrimp, snails etc) are present.

Active Ingredients
Flubendazole:1000 mg/100 ml

Treats: skin and gill flukes, internal and eye worms
Not reef safe
20ml treats 1000ml

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