Fluval Filter Media Pads Phosphate Remover

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Fluval Resin Infused Filter Media Pads Phosphate Remover

Designed specifically for the Fluval 07 and canister filters, these pads are composed of a complex interwoven infused resin with embedded phosphate removers, which effectively trap floating waste and debris for a clean and clear aquarium.

Improves water conditions for long lasting cleaner surfaces
Reduces overall maintenance
Eliminates cloudy water, odors and discoloration
Helps to create healthy living conditions

Choose the pad size to fit your filter
A260 - fits 106 107 206 207 (pack of 3)
A261 - fits 306 307 406 407 (pack of 6)
A262 - fits FX4 FX5 FX6 (pack of 3)

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