Ciano Fish Tank & Stand LED Lighting 60cm 2ft 58L in Black

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Ciano Aquarium Fish Tank & Stand LED Lighting 60cm 2ft 58L in Black

The Ciano Aqua60 aquarium comes complete with all the required equipment for discovering aquarium fish keeping confidently. Includes biological filtration system,  starter supply of filter media, LED lighting and 50w heater - everything you need to get started with coldwater or tropical fish.

The supplied 8w CLA60 LED lighting system is highly economical and with a 6300kelvin will provide great light levels for your aquarium and its inhabitants.

The CFBIO150 Ciano filter and included media ensures an optimum renewal of clean healthy water and easy maintenance of the aquatic balance. The included water clear "M" dose makes the water crystal clear and eliminates odors.

Equipment included
Biological CFBIO150 filter
LED lighting system 8w CLA60
Filter / pump system 260 l/h
Heater 50w
Water Clear “M” x 1
Foam “L” 30PPI x 1
Instruction Guide

  • 58 litre aquarium supplied with unique modern stand
  • Shockproof high quality plastic frame
  • Smart polished corners
  • Hinged hood for easy tank maintenance access
  • Clear water media "M" and FOAM "L" for crystal clear water and odorless
  • Ciano 8w LED lighting system CLA60 included

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