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Bleeding Heart Tetra

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Bleeding Heart Tetra

The Bleeding Heart Tetra, Hyphessobrycon erythrostigma, is a freshwater tropical fish native to the Upper Amazon River basin. As they grow the 'heart' in the middle gets bigger too. Also known as Punto Rojo or Red Tipped Tetra. The Bleeding Heart Tetra is a schooling fish, so keeping them with 5-6 fish will help to make them feel at ease and secure in your aquarium.

Distribution: Its original habitat is the Amazon River Basin and other river basins in South America and Columbia.

Approx. size: 2-3cm
Maximum size: 6cm

Family: Characidae
Origin: South America
Ideal number kept together: 6+

If you need to calculate the maximum stocking capacity of your pond or aquarium click here.

Water conditions
pH: 4.5 – 7.5
Hardness: 18 - 215 ppm
Temperature: 21 – 28 °C

Ease of care
Easy. They are a hardy Tetra that adapt well to changes in water parameters.

The food we recommend is tropical fish flake or sinking granules. Occasional live or frozen food can be given as a treat.

A community aquarium with no long-finned fish. We recommend keeping with an established school of tetras, as their best behavior and distinctive color patterns can only be seen in small to large groups. To view the Compatibility Advisory Chart please select the Additional Tab above.

Breeding / Sex
Difficult in captivity. They are egg scatterers with little parental care. The female is more full bodied and the male has a larger dorsal fin. The male is distinguished by longer extended dorsal and anal fins. The dorsal fin is elongated into a sickle shape that arches to the length of the tail base. The female has a shorter rounded fin.

Life Span
They can live to anything from 3-5 years in perfect conditions.

Please be aware that the image is for illustration purposes only. We are unable to guarantee the size, colour, sex or age of the fishes you are purchasing. If you have any questions regarding livestock please contact us. To minimise stress we are unable to hand pick specific fish. Lifespan is an estimate based on optimum conditions.


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