Black Phantom Tetra

Black Phantom Tetra

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Black Phantom Tetra

The black phantom tetra Hyphessobrycon megalopterus, or simply phantom tetra, is a small freshwater fish of the characin family of the order Characiformes. IThe black phantom tetra t is native to the upper Paraguay basin and upper Madeira basin in Brazil and Bolivia. 

The Black Phantom Tetra is a peaceful, schooling fish and a great choice for a community aquarium. The Black Phantom Tetra gets its name from its black translucent appearance, though the males display brilliant colours. Two males together may upon occasion 'dance' with each other, or look like they are fighting, but this is a harmless part of their natural behaviour.

The Black Phantom Tetra thrives best in aquariums with lower pH, heavily planted tanks with loose leaves on the bottom to create a more natural habitat. Black Phantoms make a stunning contrast fish when paired with their red-hued cousins such as the Red Phantom, Jewel, or Serpae tetra to shoal.

Are Black Phantom Tetra a shoaling fish?
Black Phantom tetras are social fish that prefer to stay in groups. They’re not a schooling species, but they are shoaling fish that will stick together most of the time. Pair with six or more Black Phantoms or other tetra of a similar size to encourage active shoaling behaviour.

Do Black Phantom Tetra prefer shade / low lighting?
Black Phantom Tetra to not necessarily require a dimly lit tank, so you can use your normal lighting, but they will prefer plenty of areas of shade to shelter from the light. Provide broad leaved plants, or floating plants, to provide shady cover for the Black Phantom Tetra.

Approx. supplied size: 1-2cm / 1"
Maximum size: 4cm / 1-2"
Origin: South America
Family: Characidae
Temperament: generally peaceful
Ideal number kept together: 6+

Water conditions
Our conditions: temp: 24 °C pH 7.5
Ideal pH: 6.0–7.5
Hardness: 18-215 ppm
Ideal Temperature: 20–28 °C
Lighting: dim to moderate

Ease of care
Easy to moderate. Black phantom tetra need softer water conditions with a low to medium pH. Males can also exhibit minor aggressive behaviour from time to time, usually over territory.

Omnivore. The main food we recommend would be tropical fish flake. Occasional live or frozen food can be given as a treat.

Community aquarium. As their fins are elongated, caution is advised if housing with fin nipping fish.

Moderate. Egg layers. They will need their own tank with dim lighting to breed easily.

Life Span
Black Phantom Tetra can live to anything from 2-5 years in perfect conditions. 

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