Aquarium Filter Media Wadding Floss Foam Metre Lengths

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Aquarium Filter Media Wadding Floss Foam Metre Lengths

This replacement filter wadding offers superb levels of filtration to help you achieve crystal clear water quality in your aquarium. It is especially suited to filtering out the fine particles of dirt and debris that can be missed by larger filter media. Manufactured in the UK this filter wool is 100% aquatic safe and is un-treated with any chemicals.

Can be used in in internal filters, external filters and also pond filters for both fresh and sea water. The wool works on the pricipal of electrostatic attraction. Meaning that any waste particles algae etc will be drawn to the wool like a magnet.

Filter wadding is commonly known as filter floss and it makes the ideal product to help remove those fine particles that your regular filter foams don't catch. The wadding can be washed out and re-used but will need replacing when the structure of the wadding breaks down.

Perfect as a cheaper bulk replacement for brand name filters
12mm thick 39"/1m wide
Sold by the metre at great value prices

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