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35mm Bio Balls Filter Media

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35mm Bio Balls Aquarium & Pond Filter Media

Premium Bio Balls - Large 35mm

Filter media forms an essential part of any aquarium or pond filtration system. Our 35mm Bio Balls provide a large surface area for bacteria to develop, helping to break down ammonia and nitrite.

Bio Balls also help improve overall water quality by maintaining healthy oxygen and PH levels, and absorbing and breaking down poisonous ions.

Long lasting and highly effective, our Bio Balls are suitable for use in filtration systems to filter freshwater tropical and saltwater marine fish tanks and ponds.

Supplied loose as pictured. Please select desired quantity from dropdown.

Diameter: 35mm / 3.5cm

Maintenance: Rinse thoroughly prior to use until the water runs clear. Bio balls can be rinsed and re-used numerous times. To preserve biological activity, it is advised to use aquarium water when cleaning rather than tap water.

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