Sexing Frogs, Toads and Tree Frogs

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Sexing Frogs, Toads and Tree Frogs

Determining the sex of your amphibian can be essential to ensure you have the correct mix in your habitat, and the right balance when it comes to breeding and mating.

Anurans, or tailless amphibians, may exhibit subtle external sexual differences at breeding time, which may be absent at other times.

  • Males of certain species have dark throats, while those of the females are light.
  • The male throat of many species often distends into a single or double resonating chamber (vocal sac) when the frogs are calling.
  • The males of certain anurans have heavy forelimbs and a sharp spur or horn on their thumbs, wrists or chests.


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Photo credit(s): Male olive toad (Amietophrynus garmani) calling during the night, South Africa, Shutterstock / Golden Dart Frog / Phyllobates terribilis, Shutterstock

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