Are Bumblebee Gobies fin nippers?

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Are Bumblebee Gobies fin nippers?

The goby family, Gobiidae, is one of the largest families of fishes, containing 2,000+ species. The vast majority of these species are marine (saltwater) fish, although a few species can be found in brackish and even freshwater regions. The bumblebee goby, Brachygobius doriae, is a species that frequently appears nowadays in both brackish and freshwater aquaria.

The Bumblebee Goby is a great addition to a brackish water aquarium. They will need special care so research be needed before purchasing.

Bumblebee goby are cute little characters that will nip the fins of long-finned species, so caution is advised. They do not grow very big, so any damage will be minimal, but be aware of this tendency.

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