Trinidad Pleco Hypostomus Plecostomus 2-3"

Trinidad Pleco Hypostomus Plecostomus 2-3"

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Trinidad Pleco

Trinidad plecos, also known as spotted or striped common pleco's, are a hardy tropical freshwater fish that can adapt to a wide range of water conditions.

The Trinidad is attractively patterned over the entire body and fins, with a prominent dorsal fin. Trinidad plecos are often seen hiding in a dark corner, fins clamped, appearing a dusky brown, or feeding on the algae on aquarium glass. Stocking in numbers is advisable if you have the room, as this fish enjoys the company of other pleco tankmates. Patterns on youngsters vary from stripes to spots, patterns can stay or fade to black over time.

Trinidad plecos will thrive in an environment with lots of smooth surfaces to graze algae, and absolutely love driftwood. A planted driftwood habitat is highly recommended.

How big do Trinidad Plecs get?
Trinidad Plecos, hypostomus plecostomus, can easily grow to exceed 20 inches (50cm) over time. This must be taken into consideration when housing, an aquarium in excess of 100 litres is highly recommended to accommodate long-term growth of the Trinidad plec sucker fish.

Approx. supplied size: 2-3" / 5-7cm
Maximum size: 20" / 50cm+
Origin: South America
Family: Loricariidae
Temperament: Peaceful
Lighting requirement: Low
Ideal number kept together: 1+

Water conditions
Our conditions: pH 7.5, temp 25°C
Ideal pH: 6.0–8.0
Water flow: low to moderate
Ideal temperature: 20-28°C

Ease of care
Easy. Trinidad Pleco's have extended fins that may curl as they grow. The fins can get stuck in wood as they swim, or nets when caught. Exercise caution when handling. 

Plecos are compatible with virtually all non-predatory and community fish. Care must be taken with fish and shrimp fry, as larger specimens will often mistake them for food or accidentally graze on them.

Omivore - Trinidad Plecs will eat both algae and meatier treats, sinking catfish pellets are recommended.


Pairs will breed quite readily in captive aquaria. The addition of tannins to the aquarium, such as Alder Cones or Catappa Leaves, have been known to stimulate breeding.

Life Span
Trinidad Plecos can live up to 15 years in perfect conditions.

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