TMC Frozen Fish Food Gamma Blister Packs of 10

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TMC Frozen Fish Food Gamma Blister Packs of 10

Highest quality ingredients, rapidly packed, sealed & frozen. Gamma irradiated. This completely eliminates any risk of introducing harmful parasites or bacteria into your aquarium, and also means that the food is completely safe to store in your freezer.

All flavours are sold in a bulk pack of 10 blister packs.
Flavours available... (single pack sizes)

Bloodworm 95g
Mini Bloodworm 95g
Daphnia 95g
Brineshrimp Quintet 95g
Brineshrimp & Spirulina 95g
Brineshrimp & Omega3 100g
Brineshrimp & Aloe Vera 100g
Tubifex 95g
Mysis Shrimp 95g
White Mosquito Larvae 95g
Red Plankton 95g
Krill Pacifica 95g
Tropical Quintet 95g
Marine Quintet 95g
Marine Cuisine 100g
Discus Diet 95g
Cichlid Diet 95g
Brineshrimp & Garlic 100g
Chopped Prawn 95g
Rotifers 95g
Cyclops 95g

All frozen fish foods sent on a next working day APC delivery service the day after the order has been processed.

100% natural products - a quick and convenient way of feeding fish
Wide variety available ensures that individual species of fish receive a balanced, varied and interesting diet
Designed to dispense one measured cube of food at a time, leaving the rest of the product sealed
The only food used by Tropical Marine Centre at its four fish-holding facilities