Superfish Fish Tank Aquaponics 10

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Superfish Aquarium Fish Tank Aquaponics 10

The Superfish Aquaponics aquarium is the small modern way of keeping fish with respect for nature.
The Aquaponics 10 set comes complete with Aquaponics filter, Hydro Bio Media and built-in LED lights and can optionally also be used as a biological waterfall filter with the supplied cartridge as the filter media.

What is aquaponics?
Fish provide a nutrient source for the plants in the form of their waste.
The plants provide a natural filter for the fish as they utilize the waste as a nitrogen source to grow.

Included is hydro bio filter media and mesh bag for plant growth and activated carbon pad for use as a biological filter.
The filter planter is suitable for a variety of beautiful plants like Peace Lily, Pothos, Lucky Bamboo, Arrowhead Plant and many more...

Striking half-circular aquarium glass design
Built in LED lighting that additionally illuminates the waterfall
Dual use filter system - aquaponics or standard biological
Waterfall or surface outlet return water options

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