Splosht Small Farmers Pack Cleans Water Naturally up to 80000L

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Splosht Small Farmers Pack Cleans Water Naturally up to 80000L

Splosht is a natural flocculent that binds rubbish and sediment together
Splosht eats away all organic waste and sludge at the bottom of your pond - no need for sludge remover
As Splosht develops it reduces nitrates, phosphates and ammonia levels which cause green water and smell
Splosht creates a natural balance in the water leaving crystal clear water naturally

Splosht is completely safe for all aquatic life and aquatic plants, and safe for pets to drink. Splosht is a special blend of good, natural water bacteria that grows and establishes to keep the water clean naturally.

Usage information
Splosh initially takes 4 weeks to naturally grow and for you to see results.
Drop a sachet in every 2 weeks and by the 4th week WOW!
Just keep dropping a Splosht sachet in every 2 weeks to keep your water clean and healthy!
Splosht Small Farmers Pack will clean up to 80000 litres of water for 3 months.

Avoid use with UV filter systems and ensure water is de-chlorinated. Ideal water temperature should be above 10 degrees Celsius for Splosht to achieve best results.

Reduces Ammonia nitrates and phosphates
Clears Green Water in just 4 weeks
3 Month Supply cost effective treatment
Natural Ingredients perfectly safe for pets and plants

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