Plant Pot Weights Ceramic Discs Rings 3.5cm (Set of 10)

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Ceramic Disc Plant Weights

Plants weights are ideal for using to anchor plants to the bottom of the aquarium, or into smaller pots when potting. Other plants such as moss and anubias, which are typically tied to rock or wood, can be weighted on the base of the aquarium using ceramic-terracotta composite plant rings.

Attach your plants using a fine water-safe thread or adhesive, and position in the aquarium. Great for wedging plants between rocks and ornament features. Plants will happily grown-on when weighted if you ensure contact with the substrate. Also ideal for weight plants which are intended as food for bottom feeders. Ceramic discs are porous and are also suited as a biological filter media.

Set of 10 supplied. Please note, these are in a sterile refurbished condition.

Dimensions: each disc is approximately 3.5cm diameter x 0.6cm. For use with 5cm pots or similar.

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