OASE BioMaster External Aquarium Filters + Thermo Models

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OASE BioMaster External Aquarium Filters + Thermo Models

The ultimate convenience among external filters for aquariums. BioMaster external filters meet the highest demands in water filtration and filter cleaning. The combination of highly effective biological filtering with Hel-X and mechanical/biological cleaning with filter sponges ensures healthy and clear aquarium water.

The BioMaster is suitable for aquariums with a volume of 250 to 850 litres. No complete cleaning needed: the Easy-Clean pre-filter chamber enables convenient filter cleaning. The automatic shut-off and safety lock prevent unwanted water leaks, e.g. when removing the pre-filter module. A practical venting button makes the water suction highly effective and allows for a quick and convenient start. The complete set includes filter media, hoses, adapters, suction and discharge pipes as well as the water diffuser.

All BioMaster models are available with or without an adjustable heater.
Suitable for freshwater, tropical or marine use.

 STANDARD MODELS  BioMaster 250  BioMaster 350   BioMaster 600  BioMaster 800
 Aquariums up to -  250L  350L  600L  850L
 Dimensions -  240 x 240 x 370mm  240 x 240 x 425mm  240 x 240 x 480mm  240 x 240 535mm
 Wattage (+ opt. THERMO) -  15w (+ opt. 150w)  18w (+ opt. 200w)
 22w (+ opt. 300w)
 32w (+ opt. 400w)
 Cable length -  1.5m  1.5m  1.5m  1.5m
 Max flow rate -  900L/h  1000L/h  1250L/h  1550L/h
 Max head -  1.3m  1.4m  1.8m  2.2m
 Hose (total) -  4m  4m   4m  4m
 Hose connection -  16/22mm  16/22mm  16/22mm  16/22mm
 Filter volume (incl. pre-filter) -  4.8L  6.1L  7.4L  8.6L

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