Komodo Thermometer & Hygrometer Dual Gauge Digital

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Komodo Thermometer & Hygrometer Dual Gauge Celcius / Farenheit

Monitoring of temperature and humidity within an enclosure is essential in providing any reptile species with the correct environment.  The Combined Digital Thermometer & Hygrometer measures both temperature & humidity and is an ideal space saving dual gauge for a terrarium. The easy to read digital display provides both Celsius and %RH readings.

Great for keepers of bearded dragons, leaopard gecko, corn snakes, tortoises and many other reptiles.

Maintaining the correct temperature and humidity is a critical part of caring for your reptile. Carefully research your pet's preferred thermoregulation and climate requirements, and regularly monitor temperasture and humidity levels to ensure optimum health and wellbeing.

Requires 1 x AA battery (included)

Thermometer & hygrometer dual 2 in 1 gauge
Monitors terrarium temperature & humidity
Easy to read digital display
Accurate farenheit & celcius scales

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