Kessil A80 Tuna Sun With Free Gooseneck

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Kessil A80 Tuna Sun With Free Gooseneck

Kessil, A Di-Con brand from California, are pioneers of LED lighting for aquariums. Designing and building their own LED diodes completely in-house, Kessil pack many diodes into one small space, providing perfect colour blending as well as point source light. This enables the most natural of looks, unrivalled shimmer, and excellent coral and plant growth.

The heart of every Kessil light is the Dense Matrix Array, and they are tuned for either coral growth, aquatic plant growth, or terrestrial plant growth. Together, Tuna Blue and Tuna Sun lead the Spectral Revolution, producing proven results from the most demanding plants and corals, and displaying them in the most natural way. Tuna Flora comes from a horticulture industry where plant growth matters, and is unrivalled in its penetration and yield. Tuna Flora can also be used to light macro algae refugiums in marine aquaria.

Kessil A80 Light Units
Innovative heat dissipation allows for fanless, low maintenance, shell-shaped design. Advanced optics create smooth colour mixing and a beautiful shimmer. Our unique, efficient Dense Matrix LED array is built in-house and packs high-power and deep penetration onto a single small chip. Utilizing our carefully designed optics and the Dense Matrix array, the A80 provides the most light per watt of any fixture have built so far.

The result of years of research and testing, our aquarist-specific spectrums ensure vibrant coloration and prolific growth. Use the dials on the fixture to quickly set the spectrum and intensity for a personalized look or use your favourite 0-10V controller. Kessil Logic maintains consistent output no matter the spectrum. Daisy-chain multiple lights for seamless control from a single source.

Coverage up to 24' - elegant design
Beautiful shimmer - full spectrum light
Superior colour mixing
Unrivalled penetration
Passive cooling

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