Indian Almond Catappa Leaves XL x20 7-12 inch

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Premium Quality Indian Almond Catappa Leaves

Indian Almond leaves, or Catappa leaf, have been found to have anti-parasitic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, helping keep the water free from pathogens, resulting in healthier and stronger fish. What's more, some breeders believe that the leaves induce the fish to spawn!

Many shrimp and betta fish keepers will use Catappa leaves in their fish tanks, to help encourage breeding and spawning. They provide a nice hiding place for many species, and will create an attractive feature in your aquascape.

Our premium Catappa leaves are foil-packed for freshness, releasing optimum tannins and lasting longer than inferior brands.

Benefits of adding Catappa leaves to your aquarium:

  • Catappa Leaves lower pH and Ammonia in aquarium water
  • Tannins released into the water have anti-bacterial properties
  • Free from pesticides, 100% hand-picked

Please note, Catappa leaves will float at first until fully saturated when added to your aquarium, and will gradually release tannins which will give your water a brown tint. Tannins will filter out over time and are completely harmless to fish.

Safe for use with all freshwater fish. Not for human consumption.

Included in Pack:

Pack of 20 XL Indian Almond (Catappa) Leaves supplied. Approximate size per leaf between 7-12" inches (18-30cm). Foil Packed and sealed for freshness.

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