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FishScience Tropical Granules 240g

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Fish Science Tropical Granules (240g tub)

A high quality, nutritionally balanced granular diet for all tropical aquarium fish. Recreates the natural, insect based diet that most fish species consume in the wild.


Slowly sinking granules which are readily accepted by all mid water and bottom feeding fish such as discus, angel fish, cichlids, barbs, catfish and loach
Specially formulated with Insect meal to promote health and easy digestion whilst reducing waste
Environmentally friendly and sustainable reduces the sue of fish meal which is taken from the sea
Specially formulated to promote health, easy digestion and long life.
Contains natural health boosters including Beta Glucans (found in yeasts), garlic and Omega 3 oils
Contains natural colour enhancers such as Spirulina algae, paprika and krill


Feeding guidelines: Feed 1-2 times a day, as much as your goldfish will consume in 1 minute. Uneaten food should be removed from the aquarium.


Vitamin A – 23,000IU/kg
Vitamin D3 – 2,300IU/kg
Vitamin E – 300mg/kg
Vitamin C- 300mg/kg

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