Dennerle Carbo Bio Start 60 Nano CO2 Fertilizer System

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Dennerle Carbo Bio Start 60 Nano

The Dennerle Carbo Bio Start 60 bio CO2 fertilizer system supplies all freshwater aquaria up to 60 liters (15.85 US gal.) with vital CO2. It is ready for operation in just a few steps. CO2 production already starts after 24 to 48 hours. A pressure-resistant CO2 hose and a CO2 Mini-Topper specially designed for low operating pressure – or optionally, a CO2 Injector for the connection to a Dennerle Corner Filter 40 or 60 – ensure fast, effective dissolution of the valuable CO2 in the aquarium water. 

  • CO2 fertilizer system for freshwater aquaria
  • Complete set for uniform CO2 fertilization
  • With Dennerle CO2 Constant Gel made from 100 % renewable raw materials
  • For healthy, strong plants and bright colors
  • For at least 40 days of steady CO2 production 
  • Carbon is the most important nutrient for aquarium plants

Dennerle Carbo Bio Start 60 set includes: CO2 Mini-Topper, CO2 Addition Device, CO2 Hose, CO2 Injector for Corner Filter 40 / 60, Carbo Bio Depot 60 Reactor with CO2 Constant Gel, Carbo Bio Activator.

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