Ciano Internal Filter CF40 200L/h

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Ciano Aquarium Internal Filter CF40 200L/h

The CF40 Ciano aquarium filter is a high-performance internal filter with easy installation and reduced maintenance.

Due to the filter media design the filter is optimised for lower fish stress.
Included is chemical, biological and mechanical filtration. Each type of filter media is supplied in an easily replaced simple cartridge making maintenance quick and easy.

Includes spray bar for more uniform water distribution and increased oxygenation for your aquarium.

Included filter media:
WATER CLEAR cartridge (chemical)
Removes substances harmful to your fish and keeps the water crystalline and odorless. Preventive action in the appearance of algae.
FOAM (mechanical)
Retains particles and organic matter existing in the water.
BIO-BACT cartridge (biological) (optional - not included)
For an efficient biological filtration, maintain perfect your aquarium ecosystem.
STOP-ALGAE cartridge (optional - not included)
Combats the algae in your aquarium.

Suitable for tanks up to 40L
Suitable for freshwater and tropical aquariums
Includes chemical and mechanical filtration
Easy installation and low maintenance
Optimised for lower fish stress
Free Ciano app - alerts you when maintenance is required!

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