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Ciano Bio-Bacteria 100ml

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Ciano Aquarium Water Treatment Bio-Bacteria

Ciano Water Treatment Bio-Bacteria is a liquid aquarium additive that optimises the biological filtering and water quality. It contains mixed live bacteria that naturally break down ammonia and nitrates.
Live bacteria for a perfect aquarium ecosystem.

Why use Ciano Water Treatment Bio-Bacteria?
Optimise the biological filtering and quality at the water for the good of the whole ecosystem of the aquarium.
Mix the different live bacteria that naturally break down ammonia and nitrites.
Helps ensure correct initiation of the aquarium.
Easy to use and cost effective.

Dosage Instructions
10ml per 300L (always dose to the total volume of the aquarium).

Improves the eco-system within the aquarium
Fast Acting
For use with freshwater & tropical aquariums
Easy to use & cost effective
Contains live bacteria
For aquariums up to 3000L

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