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Bucephalandra Crisped Leaves Live Plant Potted

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Bucephalandra Crisped Leaves Live Tropical Plant

Growth Rate: Slow
Maximum Height: 5cm
Leaf Colour: Green
Place of Origin: Borneo

The Bucephalandra resemble Anubias very much and should be treated the same way. They usually grow more or less epiphytic in or near water. Bucephalandra does best at lower light levels and is very easy to grow. The leaves are of a very dark green or leathery red colour.

Water conditions
pH: 6.0 – 7.5
Temperature: 22 – 28 °C

Ease of care
Easy. Fertiliser and CO2 isn't necassary however you can use a plant booster for a faster growth rate.Bucephalandra crisped leaves require little nutrition and not too much light either. Attach them to wood or rock for best effect as they are most happy there.

Low to medium lighting is sufficient.

Please note: whilst every effort is made to prevent or remove snails and snail eggs, we do not use copper treatments in our systems (because copper is also harmful to shrimp) so cannot absolutely guarantee snail-free. If you are concerned about snails, we recommended that you dip your plants in a snail preventative solution, such as Esha Gastropex, prior to adding to your aquarium. We do not recommend buying treated plants, or administering copper or anti-snail treatments if you have shrimp in your aquarium. Snails are perfectly safe in an aquarium and will not harm your fish.

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