Boyu Internal Filter Powerhead 300L/h

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Boyu Internal Filter Powerhead 300L/h Aquariums up to 80L

The Boyu SP filter range are dual use internal filters and powerhead water circulation pumps, perfect for use as a sole filter system or for pumping aquarium water to a tray / hood filtration system thanks to the included dual outlet attachment. This makes it easy to upgrade an existing tanks hood filter's filtration volume by simply replacing an existing pump with a Boyu SP filter.

The two large volume foam canisters included with the SP filter are easily removable for hassle free maintenance. It is possible to use either one or two foam canisters if you dont have the space to use the filter with both canisters attached.

Includes aquarium glass suction cup attachment for easy installation and optional use venturi pipe attachment for adding additional oxygen to your aquarium benefiting the health and well being of your fish.

Suitable for aquariums up to 80L
Fish tank filter or powerhead - dual use
Large foam bio-mechanical filtration volume
Optional use oxygen venturi attachment
Single / dual outlets - divert water to hood filter

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