Blue Orfe 2-3"

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Blue Orfe

The ide (Leuciscus idus) or orfe, is a freshwater fish of the family Cyprinidae found in larger rivers, ponds, and lakes across Northern Europe and Asia. It has been introduced outside its native range in Europe, North America, and New Zealand. It is a popular ornamental outdoor pond fish.

The Orfe is native to Europe and western Asia from the rivers draining into the North Sea east through southern Scandinavia and eastern Europe to the Caspian Sea drainage and the River Lena. As a popular ornamental fish, it was introduced to Great Britain in 1874 and is now widespread in England and Wales, but only has a localised distribution in Scotland. The ide was introduced into France and from there and Germany was introduced as an ornamental fish into the Netherlands.

Golden orfe are golden or orange in colour with some black spots on its neck, near the head. The less common blue variety is known as the blue orfe. Orfe require better oxygenated water than koi or goldfish, but can be kept in association with these species. Orfe were very popular as an ornamental pond fish until koi became readily available in the 1960s. This listing is for the Blue Orfe only - with silver/blue colouration. Photo is for illustrative purposes.

Do Orfe eat pond snails?
The typical prey of the Orfe is larval and adult insects, snails, and other invertebrates for smaller fish. However, they tend to eat what will fit in their mouth, so larger pond snails such as the popular ramshorn snail, should be perfectly fine to keep with Orfe in your ponds.

Can you keep Orfe and Goldfish together?
Yes you can keep orfe together with goldfish and koi in your pond. Golden and Blue Orfe species are also compatible and can be kept together.

Approx. supplied size: 2-3" / 5-7cm
Maximum size: 16" / 40cm
Origin: Europe, Western Asia
Family: Cyprinidae
Temperament: Peaceful
Lighting requirement: low
Ideal number kept together: 6+ schooling

Water Conditions

Our conditions: pH 7.5, temp 16 °C
Ideal pH: 6.0–8.0
Water flow: low, moderate or fast
Temperature: 2–28 °C

Ease of Care
Easy. Can grow moderately large but at a fairly slow rate.

Feed a mixture of pond flake, and floating pond pellets.

Egg layers, known to spawn during milder to warm temperatures.

Life Span
Orfe can live 20+ years in perfect conditions.
Photo is for illustration only - one supplied.

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