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BiOrb Heater Pack 50w 45998

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Oase BiOrb Heater Pack 50w 45998

The BiOrb Heater Pack provides a quick and easy way to convert your BiOrb from a coldwater to a tropical aquarium. The conversion to a tropical aquarium allows a wider variety of fish to be kept thanks to the warmer water conditions.

The Heater Pack contains a 50w standard aquarium heater capable of heating the water in any biOrb up to 60 litres. A BiOrb Heater Stand is also supplied which enables the heater to be fitted securely onto the curved surface of the biOrb.

For tropical aquariums it is important to monitor the temperature of the aquarium with a thermometer to make sure the correct temperature is maintained for the health of the fish. Therefore the BiOrb Heater Pack also contains an accurate glass thermometer.

The lead from the Heater needs to be plugged into mains power and there is a section in all of the biOrb lights which allows the lead to pass out of the biOrb neatly.

Safe and simple
Suitable for all biOrb aquariums
Continuously warm water
Practical complete set

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