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Beechwood Bedding Wood Chips Small Fine 6-8mm

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Beechwood Bedding Wood Chips Small Fine 6-8mm

Fine grade beech wood chips that will absorb moisture and provide a natural environment for your pets.

Ideal all round bedding for many species such as Tortoises, Lizards and Snakes - particularly Pythons and Corn Snakes. Also has practical garden uses such as layering for planting, or smoking on the BBQ!

A dry hygenic terrarium litter
Suitable for reptiles and birds
Natural beechwood bedding granulate with no additives
Approximately 6-8mm in size

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10kg and 25kg will be sent by a next day courier service.


Beechwood bedding is ready-to-use, however as with all bark you are advised to sterilise prior to use with sensitive species. Methods include steaming or exposing to a brief period of high heat. While not essential, it is a practice performed by many reptile keepers and professionals. If unsure, seek advice from your reptile pet supplier.

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