Athyrium Filix Femina Lady Fern

Athyrium Filix Femina Lady Fern

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Athyrium Filix Femina Lady Fern

Lady Fern is one of the prettiest of our native ferns with tufts of tall, lacy, pale green arching foliage. Athyrium Filix Femina grows best in a damp, but not water logged ground, in a sheltered position. Tidy old foliage as required. Athyrium filix-femina, the lady fern or common lady-fern, is a large, feathery species of fern native to temperate Asia, Europe, North Africa, Canada and the USA.

Common Lady Fern will thrive in damp, shady woodland environments and is often grown for decoration around ponds. Its common names "lady fern" and "female fern" refer to how its reproductive structures (sori) are concealed in an inconspicuous "female" manner on the frond, and how elegant and graceful it appears. Athyrium filix femina is very hardy, tolerating temperatures as low as −20 °C (−4 °F).

Where do you plant moisture loving pond plants?
Moisture loving pond plants, such as the Athyrium Filix Lady Fern, are suited for planting in damp areas at the side of your garden pond alongside pond plants that can tolerate drier conditions. Broad-leaved moisture loving pond plants are ideal for providing a moist area with cover for frogs, toads and other pond wildlife.

For a guide to planting and maintaining moisture loving pond plants please click here.

Height: 45-60cm
Growth Rate: Medium
Flowers: N/A
Flower Colour: N/A
Position: Full to part shade
Planting Depth: to root ball

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