Aquarium Fish Tank & Cabinet 120cm 220L Black / White

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Aquarium Fish Tank & Cabinet 120cm 220L Black / White

These premium cabinet aquariums are designed to look great in any room in your home and are perfect for beginners to fish keeping or the experienced hobbyist.

Manufactured with uninterrupted 180 degree curved glass to allow you easy viewing of your tank and its inhabitants. Supplied with built-in hood filtration providing your aquarium with crystal clear water and 1 x 16w energy efficient LED lighting tube.

Each tank comes complete with an elegantly designed high-quality easy assemble matching cabinet that includes enough space for all of your accessories and even the expansion of an external aquarium filter in case you want to increase your fish stocking levels.

Includes FREE Fish R Fun 300w aquarium fish tank heater for tropical fishkeeping. Heater is fully submersible and includes suction cup attachments for easy installation inside your aquarium fish tank.

Suitable for freshwater and tropical fishkeeping.

Premium aquarium with uninterrupted 180° curved glass
Suitable for freshwater and tropical fishkeeping
Perfect for beginners and experienced hobbyists
Built-in hood filtration and LED lighting
FREE filter media included - biological / mechanical / chemical
 Includes high quality easy assemble matching cabinet

FREE Filter media included with every aquarium purchase
Activated carbon in refillable pouches
Ceramic rings x 1 box
Bio balls x 20 balls
Filter foam for each filter bay

PLUS further FREE extras
Fish R Fun 300w aquarium fish tank heater
Fish Science tropical fish flake food 10g (2 x 5g sachet)

Optional starter kit - just £18.00!

It is essential that when first setting up your aquarium you use tap safe and filter starter to get the correct water chemistry and use a good test kit to ensure your fish tank is ready before adding fish.

If purchased at the same time as your aquarium we are pleased to offer the following items at a great combined starter kit price...

NT Labs Tap Water Safe 100ml
- for aquariums up to 500L
NT Labs Filter Starter 100ml - for aquariums up to 500L
King British 6 in 1 Water Test Strips - tests ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, pH general hardness & carbonate hardness

We retail these usually for a combined price of £21.97 but by choosing from starter kit when purchasing you can get all three items for just £18.00!

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