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Aqua One EcoScape Plastic Plant Mat Lobelia 25 x 11.5cm

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Aqua One EcoScape Aquarium Fish Tank Plastic Plant Mat Lobelia 25 x 11.5cm

The Aqua One EcoScape plant mat is the perfect floor covering for an aquarium base. Each mat measures 25 x 11.5 x 4cm and can be used either as a single piece or alternatively can be cut to size to fill any gaps in the planting layout. We recommend weighing the mats down to hold them in position. These artificial planting mats also provide ideal shelter for fry and shrimp.

These artificial aquarium plant and ornament range have been created to imitate the beauty within the worlds rivers, lakes and oceans. Combine different colours shapes and heights of aquatic decor for an incredible natural aquascape. EcoScape decor requires no planting and very little maintenance and is completely safe for fresh and saltwater aquariums. Simply rinse the decor product prior to placement in the aquarium.

Arrange as desired then gently push base into the aquarium substrate. Aquatic decor provides a comfortable and beautiful habitat for your fish without the worry of keeping real plants that fish like to uproot or eat.

Decorative plastic aquarium plant decor
Approximate dimensions 25cm x 11.5cm (L x W x H)
Easy to install and maintain
We recommend weighing down the mats to hold them in position
Ideal for providing shelter for fry and shrimp

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