Can Bumblebee Gobies live in Freshwater conditions?

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Can Bumblebee Gobies live in Freshwater conditions?

The goby family, Gobiidae, is one of the largest families of fishes, containing 2,000+ species. The vast majority of these species are marine (saltwater) fish, although a few species can be found in brackish and even freshwater regions. The bumblebee goby, Brachygobius doriae, is a species that frequently appears nowadays in both brackish and freshwater aquaria.

Bumblebee goby are predominantly a brackish-water fish species, so will thrive in slightly salty conditions. Although more frequent nowadays, it is not recommended that Bumblebee gobies are kept in pure freshwater. They will survive, but certainly not thrive, and may deteriorate over a short period of time.

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