TAP Filter Boost Balls 280/500/1000ml

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TAP Filter Boost Balls Filter Start Pond Balls 280/500/1000ml

Filter boost balls are packed with millions of friendly bacteria and are immersed in a nutrient rich broth to boost and feed biological filters. Filter boost balls prevent the growth of heterotrophic bacteria whilst encouraging the growth of nitrifying bacterial colonies.

The TAP variant of beneficial bacteria balls goes further per ml than other brands, with the 1000ml tub treating a massive 30000 litres!

Packed with millions of friendly beneficial bacteria
Prevents the growth of heterotrophic (unfriendly!) bacteria
Activates and feeds biological filters - quick start filtration!
Promotes a clean, healthy and clear pond

Tub size available
280ml treats 8400 litres
500ml treats 15000 litres
1000ml treats 30000 litres

Directions for use
Add 100ml of Filter Boost Balls & some liquid to your filter for every 3000 litres.

You cannot overdose with Filter Boost Balls