Oase Automatic Fish Food Feeder FishGuard

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Oase Automatic Fish Food Feeder FishGuard

The FishGuard Automatic feeder can be easily programmed up to 4 x daily feeds with a maximum of 3 doses per feed. Ideal if you need to leave your fish and cannot get home to feed them.

The feeder has a clear LCD display so you can see what programs you are setting and the relevant time. The feeder will automatically dispense the food at the set time, giving your fish their daily feeds when you cannot get to them.

The FishGuard has been well designed with a protection system that prevents the feed inside from absorbing moisture and compromising the food.

The feeder is powered by a battery so you have no trailing cables around the tank, and you can be assured of constant feeding even in the event of a power cut. The FishGuard can be placed on shelves above the tank or tank lid in order to dispense the food or can be secured to the edge of the tank by an optional holder, making it ideal for open aquariums or terrariums.

Easily programmable clear LCD display
Program up to 4 feeds a day with a maximum of 3 doses per feed
Battery operated, requires 4 x AA (Not included)
Can be secured onto a tank with the optional bracket
Keeps food dry, protecting it from humidity around the tank.
Suitable for fresh and Salt water tanks as well as Terrariums
3 Years Guarantee

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