Houttuynia Cordata 'Plena' Orange Peel 9cm Pond Plant

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Houttuynia Cordata 'Plena' Orange Peel

Houttuynia Cortada Plena has white flowers, made of numerous bracts, which are prolific from May to September. The leaves, as other Houttuynias, have an attractive orange peel scent, hence it's common name.

Supplied in pots with 9cm square plant portions. For long term growth, 9cm marginal plants require potting into a larger mesh basket. Place in a pond no deeper than 1/3 maximum recommended planting depth to allow the plants to establish. There is no need to remove the mesh basket.

Little maintenance is required. Trim to tidy as required and after foliage has died back in autumn.

Type: Pond marginal or damp ground
Colour: White
Growth Rate: Medium
Flowers: May to Sep
Sun/Shade: Full sun to part shade
Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn
Growth Height: 20-60cm
Plant Depth: 0-10cm

Pond plants are sent directly from the grower. Please allow 3-5 working days for delivery on average. Plants may arriving before bloom, budding or flowering depending on time of season.


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