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Hang On Protein Skimmer Boyu DG-2516

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Marine Fish Tank Hang On Protein Skimmer Boyu DG-2516

The DG-2516 hang on protein skimmer is designed to be used hanging on the outside of your fish tank, utilising the rim of the tank to grip on to and is suitable for aquariums up to 600L.

Marine protein skimmers have a simple design but complete an important task in a marine aquarium eco-system. The DG-2516 includes a high output, low noise submersible needle wheel impeller pump, this pump utilises needle-wheel technology for the finest skimmed bubbles. The surface tension from these bubbles attracts organic waste to the film of each bubble and carries it upward and through the column, then it's skimmed into a collection cup for easy removal.

The needle wheel impeller pump introduces air via the venturi air pipe and as the water is drawn through the needle wheel impeller it chops the incoming bubbles into a fine mist, leading to a high performance protein skimming.

Please ensure skimmer outlet pipes are fully submerged for unit to run correctly. Water level must be no lower than 60mm from tank rim. Suitable for sump use (as a hang-on).

Please Note: If using in main tank please attach small mesh cover over inlet of pump section to ensure fish are not harmed.

Hang on protein skimmer for open top aquariums
Built in clamp for easy attachment to your tank rim
Exit pipe sponge filtration - avoids return micro bubbles
High performance needle wheel skimmer pump
Adjustable outlet flow rate (raises skimmer water level)
Collection cup overflow pipe to avoid spillage
Detachable collection cup for easy cleaning

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