HabiStat Tortoise Table Kit Black 109cm 43"

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HabiStat Tortoise Table Kit Black 109cm 43"

The HabiStat Tortoise Table Kit contains everything required to complete your tortoise setup, including tortoise table, lighting, heating and accessories - simply add the tortoise and bedding!

This Kit consists of two main products; the HabiStat Tortoise Table & the HabiStat Tortoise Table Accessory Kit.

Full contents of the HabiStat Tortoise Table Kit:
1x HabiStat Tortoise Table, Black
1x Tortoise Table Accessory Kit:
- Arcadia Reflector Clamp Lamp with Ceramic holder E27, 20cm
- Arcadia 2nd Generation UV Basking Lamp, 100 Watts
- HabiStat Heat Mat, Adhesive, 10.2 x 12.7cm (4 x 5"), 4 Watt
- HabiStat Thermometer
- HabiStat Repti-Rock Tortoise Pool, Small
- HabiStat Repti-Rock Tortoise Pool, Medium
- Arcadia Earth Pro Ca, 100g
- Arcadia Earth Pro-A 100g
- HabiStat Bactericidal Cleaner, Standard, RTU Spray, 250ml
- Arcadia Earth Pro FlowerBoost 60g

Everything needed for a tortoise setup - just add the tortoise and bedding
Tortoise Table has a hide area with hinged lid for access
Ability to attach a heat mat to the Tortoise Table ceiling of the hide area
Available in Oak or Black finish
Please note we will send 2 boxes