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Boyu Internal Mini Nano Protein Skimmer WG-308

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Aquarium Internal Mini Nano Protein Skimmer WG-308 Tanks <60L

The WG-308 is an internal aquarium fish tank protein skimmer, designed to be fully integrated into the aquarium saving on the space required for a medium sized protein skimmer with pump attachment. They can be used within the aquarium itself (partially submerged) or in a separate sump filtration.

The primary use of these compact design protein skimmers is with small nano marine aquariams. The built in pump includes venturi separation and are manufactured to be safe with overheat auto shut off functions and have low wattage use meaning they are extremely economical.

Partially submerged nano tank protein skimmer
Built in pump - compact space saving design
Detachable collection cup for easy cleaning
Low noise, high output & economical
Exit pipe sponge filtration - avoids fish harm

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