Aqua One AquaVogue 245 120cm 245L 3 Colours

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Aqua One AquaVogue 245 120cm 245L 3 Colours

The stunning Aqua One AquaVogue aquarium collection offers a combined package of refined filtration technology, melded with a distinct, sharp aesthetic.

The AquaVogue promises a classic design, enhanced via a contemporary nash oak, gloss black or gloss white cabinet finish and includes eye-catching chrome handles. The cabinet provides ample space for all of your storage needs, including maintenance equipment, cleaning tools and dry food.

The LED lighting includes red, green, blue, white and blue colours combined, that not only enhances the vibrancy of your tank and the creatures within it, but also provides an energy-saving lighting solution with automatic timer that covers a huge surface area for excellent light penetration. Optimum spectrums for lush plant growth, also allow your aquarium to thrive with dynamic species that create interest and depth to your tank.

Choose to purchase this aquarium as a fish tank, cabinet & lighting only package or with additional filtration and heating equipment.

Aquarium Options
Option 1 - Aquarium, Cabinet & LED Lighting (no filtration or heater included)
Option 2 - Aquarium, Cabinet, LED Lighting, Maxi 104F Internal Filter & 300w Heater
Option 3 - Aquarium, Cabinet, LED Lighting, Ocellaris 850 External Filter & 300w Heater

A quality aquarium and a fantastic piece of furniture
Touch control LED lighting with convenient automatic timer
High quality cabinet with smooth touch handles
Available in Gloss White, Gloss Black and Nash Oak

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